Our response to the Covid Pandemic

Weddings are a celebration of our imaginations, created from our dreams and aspirations, our hopes and our histories. Unfortunately, in this time of Covid, reality seems to have come crashing in, forcing us into a difficult reality. And although Love may be blind, it doesn’t have to be stupid. So in an effort to elevate Love’s IQ, our Limousine service has taken certain safety precautions: we have installed a plexiglass shield between the front and the back seats; our chauffeurs wear a mask at all times; the Cadillac is given a deep cleaning before and after each event; and we limit the back seat passengers to the Bride and Groom, the Bride and Bride, or the Groom and Groom. We are also happy to make any further modifications you deem necessary to insure the safety of you and your event. We suggest that you consider moving your event out of doors, where there is less risk and where you can observe social distancing of at least six feet. The Pandemic forces us to modify our behavior and our celebration, but we can still move forward with love in the drivers seat. Let us know how we can help.